frequently asked questions


What does project include?

Field turf for Panther Stadium and Tiger Stadium.  The two biggest reasons for this turf are durability and safety of our athletes and band members.  SAFETY is the #1 concern.


How much is needed to fund the project?

The committee's goal to fund the project is $2,250,000.  This amount will pay for the purchase and installation of the turf at both schools.  This also includes equipment and maintenance.


What is the maintenance and life expectancy of a turf field?

Maintenance equipment, inspection and repairs are included in the project to ensure proper care and maximum life expectancy for the field turf.  The warranty for the field turf is 8 years.   Motz Group, a well known company in Ohio states that the life expectancy of their turf is 12 years.  They recently just replaced a field that was 15 years old.


Has OhioHealth made a corporate donation?

The Committee has applied to the OhioHealth Community Giving Foundation for a donation.  We received their response today (8/13).  Unfortunately, no donation was received from OhioHealth.


Will the Committee solicit local businesses in the school district?

Yes.  We have plans to solicit donations from some of the local businesses that have supported the PLSD in the past as well as new businesses.  We are utilizing every opportunity in an attempt to raise the needed funds.


Are there representatives from both schools on the Committee?

Yes.  The committee is split 50/50 with Pickerington Central and Pickerington North representatives.  This includes input from coaches and band directors at both schools.

What is the projected cost to replace the turf and how will that be funded?

The projected cost of turf replacement is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the original installation cost.  Generally, replacement is the turf itself due to wear and does not include the base.  Labor is included in that cost as well.  Once the initial turf is installed, the PLSD School Board will be responsible to fund replacement of the turf.  The estimated cost is $700,000 to $900,000 for initial installation per field according to the Motz Group.  

How will you proceed if there is only enough money for one field?

We are committed to raising the necessary funds to turf both fields.  It will not be acceptable to only turf one field.  


Where do ticket sales go from athletic events?

 Ticket sales go directly back to the Athletic department.  

How are the funds used?

Money is used to pay for referees, uniforms, individual sport budgets and equipment.  Any upgrades not on "planned" PLSD maintenance schedules are at the expense of the Athletic Department.  The Athletic Department does not receive money from PLSD.

What do "Pay to Play Fees" cover?

Coaches supplemental contracts, transportation and planned facility maintenance.  The pay to play fees cover about 50% of these costs. 

Are PLSD employees allowed to discuss the turf project?

Yes.  The Board has passed a resolution of support for the project.

What is the status of the McGill property?


Phase one is about complete.  Per PLSD, the track construction should start this fall.  The plan is to have the track portion completed by spring.

How much did it cost to renovate the Tiger Stadium grass?

Per the Board, it was $40,000.  Additional items were also completed that were included in planned maintenance of the facility.